Shukr Group will help you develop a plan that meets your strategic objectives, enables greater creativity and efficiency in your business, helps achieve the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for any of your technology project and deployment.

Our technology solutions will assist you in keeping your business competitive, profitable, flexible and efficient.

  • PMO: The Program Management office is an essential component in driving performance improvement and facilitating project management within the enterprise. With our highly skills team in this space, we offer our expertise in strategic planning as well as in the implementation of project management best practices. We help you choose the right projects, manage the project portfolio, establish best practices and proven procedures, optimize utilization of resources, and establish performance metrics for measuring project Program Office Management is an essential
  • IT Governance: Our experts will assess your current business environment and the technology being used, and then identify opportunities to improve and streamline business processes, and manage IT programs with the goal of enhancing the enterprise’s capabilities. We offer services such as alignment of IT objectives with the organization’s strategic goals, development of IT governance structures in order to monitor and guide IT investment and delivery processes
  • IT Strategy & Transformation: we help you define your IT strategy. Our services include:
    • e-Business Strategy and Transformation,
    • Enterprise Architecture assessment and optimization
    • ROI analysis / maximize ROI for IT assets,
    • Evaluation of outsourcing opportunities and recommendations,
    • Evaluation and selection of software applications to meet business needs,
    • Development of IT roadmaps with the goal to prioritize deployment of key IT projects
  • Solution Implementation:
    • Solution Design, System Development and support
    • Database design, administration, and maintenance
    • eBusiness and Web applications development
    • Business Process Automation
    • CRM system implementation (
    • EAI (Middleware) implementation/ Systems integration and conversions
    • Enterprise/Web 2.0 technologies deployment (wiki, collaboration tools, blogs, forums, ..)
    • Software quality assurance and testing

Our methodology

  • Strategy
    • We work closely with our clients in their innovation and business planning efforts to develop strategic plans that are successful.
  • Organization
    • We help design effective and high performance IT organization structure
    • Attraction and management of new talent
    • Business partnership
  • Outsourcing
    • Develop a Strategy for outsourcing IT vendors
    • Outsourcing management
  • IT Value Management
    • Measure IT performance – cost structure vs. Business performance
    • Compare IT functions with competitors
    • Achieve continuous IT cost savings
    • Tracking Technology impact on business: our experts will help assess the impact and the values that IT has on the business
    • Measuring/Monitoring IT effectiveness

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