Commodity taxes may have a greater impact on any business operation’s bottom line than income taxes if not managed properly. The legislations dealing with these taxes are constantly changing as governments look to commodity taxes as a favoured means of taxation.

Shukr Group advises our clients on matters relating to customs duties, harmonized sales tax (HST), goods and services tax (GST), Quebec sales tax, British Columbia provincial sales tax, federal excise tax and duties, provincial land transfer taxes, and other provincial taxes, such as gasoline, fuel and tobacco taxes.

We help our clients navigate the complex world of sales and commodity taxation by:

  • Assisting with GST/HST compliance measures and ruling requests, voluntary disclosures, audits, objections and appeals
    Advising on specialized tax legislation, such as the Excise Tax Act (Canada), and on special levies imposed by the federal and provincial governments
  • Advising on the application of commodity-specific taxes
  • Helping non-Canadian entities understand the impact of the federal GST/HST on their business operations in Canada