At Shukr Group, we believe that start-ups fuel economic growth and infusion of young blood is imperative for a country’s development. Thus, we have brought together an enthusiastic team of consultants who have immense experience in working with start ups and help in launching, scaling and even selling of companies. We have a distinct and mighty track record of working with entrepreneurs on a broad range of projects.  Whether it is assisting them with preparing their value proposition or procuring the funding they warrant, we support innovative fledgling companies with a variety of services that includes;

  • Registration and incorporation of company
  • Recommendations on tax implications with diverse business structures
  • Preparation of resolutions, bylaws and similar documents
  • Provision of minute book
  • Preparation of share subscriptions
  • Issuance of shares
  • Setting up the appropriate accounts with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Revenue Quebec and other governmental agencies
  • Business planning, budgets and forecasting, cash flow projections, etc.
  • Assistance with raising finances to start your business